Our main activity, is to provide service of Ground handling services to all types of aircraft, private, commercial or official; of passenger and/or cargo.

             We have all everything necessary for the operations of pre-flight information, meteorology aeronautic, air navigation charts, internet, phone/fax, radio frequency air/ground, etc. We are available 24 hours 7 days a week.

Cuadro de texto: - Passenger of reception, Check-in / Check-out
- Special assistance for VIP passengers
- Reception of cases and/or cargo
- Reservations for hotel / restaurant
- Shipping
- Catering service
- Cleaning of the aircraft
- Flight  permits 
- Loading / unloading of cargo and mail
- GPU 
Cuadro de texto: - Flight plan presentation  
- Fuel coordination 
- Security on the ground
- Meteorology (METAR, TAF, Satellite image, SIGWX, wind Tem, AIRMET / SIGMET, etc.)
- Passport presentation at migration officer
- Notam, Navigation, W&B
- Ground support  / Maintenance support
- And all passenger and/or crew required.

Services provided:

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